Who We Are

Welcome to ADS Central Rift

The Anglican Development Service – Central Rift (ADS – Central Rift) is a Church based development institution that has been engaged in undertaking community development programs since 1961. ADS Central Rift was registered as development-oriented Limited Company by Guarantee in 1998 in accordance with the Laws of Kenya.  It was registered under the name Nakuru Region Inter-Diocesan Christian Community Services (NRIDCCS). After rigorous discussions and deliberations, the Anglican Church in 2012 decided to re-brand her development structure to a more unified National outlook under the name ADS Kenya. 

All the Regions eventually adopted the name ADS to mark a new beginning.  As a result, ADS – Central Rift was born.  ADS – Central Rift envisages transformed communities enjoying sustainable livelihoods. The organization has a mission to improve the livelihoods of marginalized communities in Central Rift through integrated development programs and relief.   ADS Central Rift operates within a dynamic environment that is characterized by Cultural, political and economic diversity. 

The ADS Central Rift (ADS – Central Rift) is an affiliate organization of the four dioceses of Nakuru, Baringo, Maralal and Nyahururu of the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK). It is the development arm of the four dioceses. Currently the organization is working in five counties; Nakuru, Baringo, Samburu, Laikipia West, and Nyandarua.

  ADS Central Rift, is defined by its Vision, Mission, and core values that shape its culture;

  • Vision – A sustainable organization transforming lives holistically
  • Mission – We exist to empower communities to sustain themselves through integrated programs with available resources.
  • Core Values
  1. Accountability and Transparency
  2. Non-discrimination
  3. Integrity
  4. Stewardship
  5. Professionalism
  6. Innovation

Our Pillars

  1. Program and Resource Mobilization Pillar
  • DRR
  • Livelihoods
  • Health
  • Climate Change
  • Governance
  • Youth
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  1. Institutional Transformation Pillar
  • Human Resources management
  • ICT
  • Governance
  1. Financial Management Pillar
  2. Sustainability Pillar

Current staff base as at this financial year is 37 (20 males and 17 females)


The organization has 6 projects:

  1. Comprehensive Assistance Support and Empowerment for Orphan and Vulnerable Children {CASE-OVC}.
  2. Community Resilience in Kerio River Ecosystem {CORKE}.
  3. Solai Conservation Agriculture Livelihood Development Programme {SCALDEP}
  4. Sustainable Diets for All project.
  5. Maisha Thabiti.
  6. Elementaita Integrated Project {E.I.P}
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